Mandrake 9 on the Xbox

Posted on Tuesday, October 08 2002 @ 8:01 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
The Xbox-Linux Project has announced that they got Mandrake Linux 9 working on the Xbox :
A 350 MB installation CD of Xbox Linux Mandrake 9 is available for download free of charge from the Xbox Linux website. It corresponds to a standard installation of the (free) 3 CD version of the well-known Mandrake Linux distribution, which has only been released a week ago, so it contains the graphical environments Gnome and KDE, as well as software packages such as, XMMS and Mozilla. Since Xbox Linux Mandrake 9 is 100% compatible with Mandrake Linux 9, all additional packages from the official Mandrake Linux 9 installation CDs or the Mandrake website can be installed into Xbox Mandrake Linux.

To be able to use Xbox Linux Mandrake 9, you need a "modded" Xbox and a USB keyboard and mouse connected to the Xbox by a Xbox-USB adaptor, which can be easily built by most users.
More info @ The Xbox-Linux Project
Download : Xbox Linux Mandrake 9
View : The Readme

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