Streacom Computex 2014 products overview

Posted on Friday, June 13 2014 @ 12:53 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Streacom send over some information about the new cases it had on display at Computex 2014:
For those who didn't make it to Taipei, here is a short summary of the new products on display during last weeks Computex 2014:

Streacom NC2
The NC2 is based on the fanless NC1 chassis for the Intel NUC platform. The acrylic sides allow for undisturbed WiFi and Bluetooth reception, the rest is made out of extruded anodized aluminium. In addition to the NC1 feature set, the NC2 has space for a 2.5" drive. NC2 will be available within Q3 2014 in Black and Silver for a MSRP of 94.90 Euro.

Streacom NC3
The Streacom NC3 is a truly unique design for the Intel NUC platform and a departure from typical cases on the market. It’s large cooling fins offer excellent passive cooling performance, and its ABS side allows for a full range of custom colours. Its design also allows for different orientations and with the use of a 3D printer, its side body can be printed and customized giving end users the freedom to fully personalize or even re-design their case. With the supplied stock ABS side body, the case supports a single 2.5” drive, and internal WiFi/Bluetooth antenna. NC3 will be available in Q4 this year for a MSRP of 99.90 Euro.

Streacom F12C
The F12C is a chassis for standard ATX components for the living room with a simplistic design. The F12C can be equipped with an over-sized ATX power supply, an ATX motherboard, video cards with up to 31cm length, 2 SSDs, radiators for CPU and GPU, and a minimum of 4 x 3.5" HDDs. With just a Mini-ITX board and a SATA card for additional SATA ports, the universal mounting bracket allows to install 9 HDDs (3.5" or 2.5") or fans in addition to the 4 HDDs next to the PSU. The HDD bracket can be fixed anywhere at both rails at the sides of the chassis. The F12C does not exceed a width of 405mm, so it fits perfectly into the HiFi environment with AV receivers and the like. The ability to use high-end components with the F12C makes it perfect for a Gaming HTPC or Steam Machine. The F12C will be available in Q4 this year and the price will be in the 199 to 249 Euro range. Available colors are Silver and Black.

Flirc Streacom Edition and Streacom Remote
To offer a more versatile and easy to use internal IR solution for our chassis, we teamed up with Flirc, a cross platform IR solution ( Flirc works with any IR remote, so you can even use unused buttons from your TV remote to control your HTPC. Additionally to the standard Flirc features, the Streacom Edition can be used to power your HTPC on with the remote. The Flirc Streacom Edition will consist of just the PCB, is compatible with all Streacom chassis and can be programmed for any remote. Flirc Streacom Edition will be available within the next 6 to 8 weeks. The MSRP will be 27.90 Euro.

Independently of the Flirc Streacom Edition, we will have a new remote, which works out of the box with Flirc Streacom Edition and is compatible with the existing Streacom IRPB Receiver. Every button on the front can be re-programmed and therefore the remote can be universally used to control other devices too. No need to download anything or mess around with software, the remote easily learns from your existing remote. On the back, there is a full keyboard to conveniently control your HTPC and basic text entry.

AM1 support added to the mounting plate
The Streacom FC8 demo system at Computex was running on a AM1 board. AM1 requires a new mounting plate with 2 added holes to it. The new mounting plate will be AM1 compatible with the newly produced chassis and appear in stores in about 2 months. As soon as the new plate is ready, it will be available for purchase and can be used with as a replacement of the existing mounting plate. We will announce the availability of the AM1 compatible mounting plate on

In case you are wondering what happened to the DB4 chassis we showed last year at Computex, here is a link to the explanation of its development:
Streacom at Computex

Streacom at Computex

Streacom at Computex

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