Windows 10 to have no desktop on screens smaller than 8 inches

Posted on Tuesday, January 27 2015 @ 13:09 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
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Despite killing off the unpopular Windows RT, Microsoft will still divide devices into two classes with its upcoming Windows 10 operating system. The software giant revealed future devices with screens under 8 inches will have no desktop mode and won't be capable of running traditional Windows software.

For current 7" devices nothing will change, after you update these to Windows 10 you'll keep your desktop, thereby preserving continuum.
The confirmation comes after Microsoft told Neowin that Windows 10 would come to small ARM tablets with displays of up to 8 inches. Belfiore's comments also clear up any confusion about whether the desktop would remain on ARM devices, which can't run traditional Windows applications.

Since ARM devices won't exceed 8 inches, it means they won't have the desktop. ARM processors couldn't run traditional Windows applications regardless, unless the software was recompiled or written for the low-power chips.
Source: Neowin

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