NVIDIA GTX 960M/950M and GeForce 940M/930M/920M hit the market

Posted on Friday, March 13 2015 @ 13:48 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
NVIDIA silently launched a bunch of low-end and mainstream notebooks GPUs, this includes the GTX 960M/950M and GeForce 940M/930M/920M. Head over to AnandTech for a rundown of the specifications.
The new GeForce GTX 960M and 950M end up being clock speed bumps from the existing GTX 860M/850M, though this time the 960M is purely Maxwell based and there’s no Kepler alternative. The GTX 950M has 640 CUDA cores running at 914MHz (+ Boost), and it can be paired with either DDR3-2000 (yuck!) or GDDR5-5000, both using a 128-bit interface. While the additional bandwidth of GDDR5 may not matter too much at lower resolutions, we’ve seen in the past that it can have a significant impact on performance at 1080p and medium or higher settings.

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