Online Gambling and Mobile Make A Great Combination

Posted on Wednesday, November 18 2015 @ 12:03 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Based on the dramatic shift toward smartphones and other mobile devices in the past few years, it's clear that the mobile gambling market will continue to grow at a remarkable pace. The explosion of the mobile device market and the spread of WiFi is making mobile gambling more accessible and is changing the online gambling market quite dramatically. As a result, we've seen a consistent and impressive level of growth of the mobile sports betting and live casino markets.

When you look at the saturated online market, mobile gaming is becoming much more attractive to both players and operators alike, as evidenced by Activision Blizzard's recent decision to splurge $5.9 billion on the creator of Candy Crush. For developers, this is the best time to enter the mobile gaming market because they can jump in while the market is still new and perhaps help mold its future.

The reason for this popularity is because mobile devices are so convenient to use. They are practical devices and, as long as there's an accessible WiFi connection, can be used anywhere and anytime. Therefore, mobile gaming has become very popular among casual gamers.

Our phones are used for more than a simple communication. They've also changed the way we relate to those around us. They have become a central part of our lives and, to be profitable, the online gaming companies will have to take advantage of this. The best way to to this is by focusing their energy to bringing the gambling experience from desktop to mobile, and even offer mobile exclusive deals to sweeten the pot.

The shift toward mobile devices allows gamers to place bets wherever they are and whenever they want; even lounging in your pajamas in your kitchen. But, that's not all, Swedish casino operators are also boasting personalized features that give games the ability to access platform instantly on their mobile devices.

For online casino operators, one of the most challenge aspects of mobile gaming is the ability to recreate the environment and ambiance of the desktop without cluttering the screen of the mobile device. Because many games are creatures of habit, it's very important for manufacturers to find a way to preserve those key elements that make the live casino environment great and create and environment that will please.

The growth and popularity of the smartphone and gaming means we can expect to see tons of competitive features and marketing incentives, especially since more operators are making the switch to mobile. What do you think? Is mobile the future of online gamble?