Xbox 360 console controller makers will need license from Microsoft

Posted on Friday, August 12 2005 @ 13:37 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
In order to gain more money with the Xbox 360 console Microsoft decided producers of Xbox 360 gamepads, steering wheels, joysticks and other controllers will need to get a license. Microsoft has added a security mechanism to the Xbox 360 console to ensure that only companies who have made a contract with Microsoft to share some of the revenue will be able to make controllers for the Xbox 360.
"Microsoft has made it very clear that it's all about profitability" with this generation of console, Olhava said. "Maybe this is a way they are looking to make additional revenue off of the Xbox." But, she said, the move could also be intended as "a way to ensure quality products make it out the door," reasoning that makers willing to pony up a share of the proceeds would be the kind of companies that make more reliable gear.
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