Mushkin promises 4TB SSDs for $500

Posted on Monday, January 11 2016 @ 15:15 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
The Tech Report has an article about Mushkin's SSD plans. The firm plans to launch new Reactor series models with 2TB capacity, these units will feature the Silicon Motion SM2246EN controller with 3D MLC NAND flash memory.

Expected to hit the market in the second quarter of this year, these 2TB SSDs promise a cost per gigabyte of about $0.25, resulting in a cost of $500 for a 2TB SSD.

Oddly enough, Mushkin suggests it could also offer a 4TB SSD at exactly the same $500 price level. This massive SSD is planned after the launch of the Reactor 2TB, it would basically put two Reactor 2TB SSDs onto a single PCB, and join them into a JBOD with a separate controller:
How do you increase drive capacity further when your controller tops out at 2TB? By using JBOD. To construct a 4TB drive, Mushkin is basically putting two Reactor 2TB SSDs on a single PCB. Those drives are then joined into a JBOD with a separate controller. This dual-drive solution will function as a single volume, but spanning drives isn't without its costs. Mushkin tells us to expect random read and write performance of about 10K IOPS. This jumbo-sized Reactor could do well in applications that tend to be heavy on sequential workloads, like video recording or bulk media storage.
Mushkin CES 4TB plans

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