NZXT Manta is a curvy Mini-ITX case with lots of cable managent space

Posted on Tuesday, January 26 2016 @ 18:59 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
NZXT does things a little different with its new Manta, a Mini-ITX case with curved steel paneling. This gives the case a unique look and also promises to offer users twice more cable management space than in a traditional square Mini-ITX case.

The downside is that the Manta is very large for a Mini-ITX case, it measures 245mm x 426mm x 450mm (W x H x D) and weighs 7.2kg.

It has two 3.5" HDD slots, three 2.5" slots, two expansion slots, room for a regular ATX power supply, support for five 120/140mm fans (three included) and support for watercooling radiators (up to 280mm). There's room for a CPU cooler with a height of 160mm, video cards as long as 363mm and PSUs with a length of up to 363mm.

The Manta features a large case window and looks very attractive. You can get it in all-black, black/red and black/red color options, and there's also a windowless version for those who don't like case windows. The case ships next month for $139.99.

NZXT Manta

NZXT Manta
  • New manufacturing technology offers unparalleled build quality
  • Elegant, curved steel paneling and window
  • Double the cable management space
  • Dual 280mm liquid cooling support
  • Kraken X61-ready with push/pull capabilities
  • Integrated PSU shroud for a beautifully clean build
  • Fully filtered, easy-to-remove intake

    The first case built with an innovative new manufacturing process that allows for the creation of curved steel panels. Each panel is created with structurally reinforced steel to ensure uncompromising build quality.

    Curved side panels offer 2X the cable management space of traditional ITX designs. The spacious interior allows for the installation of the largest power supplies on the market with even more space available for cable routing.

    Supports dual Kraken X61 280mm radiators to conquer heating challenges from even the toughest of builds. With industry leading support for a total of three radiators, Manta offers the best water cooling performance possible for mini-ITX.

    Ensures the beauty of your build never goes unseen with the largest windowed panel in ITX history. Manta is also available with a closed side panel for users that prefer a stealth approach to their build.

    An expansive interior combined with easy to remove filters and side panels make for an effortless build experience. With the absence of typical obstructions such as 5.25" bays and HDD cages, installing components and routing cables in the Manta is seamless.

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