Review : Titan Aluminum Fan

Posted on Saturday, October 12 2002 @ 7:25 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
SubZeroTech has reviewed the Titan Aluminum Fan :
Fans are great pieces of equipment. They play a big role in keeping your computer cool. I know a lot of us have quite a few fans, and the plain old black 80mm just doesn't cut it for looks. Sure it might have a decent CFM, but nowadays looks count a lot as well. Today, I'm going to review a fan from PCMods, which will liven up your case, as well as keep the innards cool. It's aluminum frame stands out, and looks really sleek. The fan blades are plastic, with a chrome looking finish. The weight is a big thing, as the fan feels like a block of quality work! So far, this fan is lookin good! Let's see how she does her job.

Review Link : SubZeroTech

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