Review : GlobalWin YCC 8870 aluminium mid-tower

Posted on Saturday, October 12 2002 @ 07:30:09 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
RipNet-UK reviewed the GlobalWin YCC 8870 aluminium mid-tower :
I discovered the 8870 while browsing around a local computer shop. I was looking for a new case for my Athlon rig to replace my aging full-tower; this case was open and the interior grabbed my attention - practically tool-less construction being one of the pluspoints. But we're getting ahead of ourselves here so I'll go back to the start!

The Global-win YCC-8870 is made by the same company that produces the excellent CPU heatsink/fan combinations, as part of a wide range of steel and aluminium server and workstation enclosures.

The 8870 is a standard ATX format midi-tower case...

Review Link : RipNet-UK

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