Intel reportedly licensed AMD graphics tech

Posted on Tuesday, May 16 2017 @ 13:56 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
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Last year a rumor popped up about Intel dropping NVIDIA and closing a deal with AMD to license the latter's graphics technology.

As you may know, six years ago Intel signed a cross licensing agreement with NVIDIA to settle outstanding legal disputes between the two firms. Over the last six years, NVIDIA got a total of $1.5 billion in cash from Intel and NVIDIA's latest financial report confirms the agreement between the two companies has not been extended in any way.

The deal with NVIDIA expired on March 17, 2017. It's believed Intel needs a new graphics IP licensing agreement to avoid legal issues and the rumor mill claims Intel closed a deal with AMD. Specifics about this deal are unknown but FUD Zilla claims it has now independently verified this rumor is accurate;
Raja Koduri, Senior Vice President and Chief Architect, Radeon Technologies Group worked at Apple and worked closely with Intel too. He probably played an important role in these negotiations.

It remains to be seen when it will be formally announced and when it will start affecting AMD’s bottom line. The cooperation and agreement will allow Intel to access AMD’s graphics Intellectual Properties and most things Radeonish.

AMD will weaken its position to fight Intel on in the integrated solutions, but licensing money should help overcome that issue. Despite that fact that these companies compete, they are close when it comes to graphics.
Intel nor AMD has publicly shared anything about this so we can still not treat this as absolute fact. If there's any truth to this, it will likely register in AMD's Q2 2017 financial report in the form of an unexplained increase in revenue or gross margins.

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