Review : Corsair XMS CMX512 memory

Posted on Sunday, October 13 2002 @ 8:03 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
ClubOC reviewed Corsair's XMS CMX512 memory :
Do you want to overclock to extremely high bus speeds, but you are tired of lowering your memory performance settings in your motherboard's bios just to hit 166MHz or even 200MHz+ front side bus (400MHz+ DDR)? DDR memory has become much better this year, but there is one company that has surpassed them all - Corsair. Corsair has a line of memory called "XMS" or "Xtreme Memory Speed" that is designed just for the extreme hardware lunatic! Just this month they have released the ultimate memory module that has people drooling; a 512mb module that can run at extremely aggressive memory timings at CL2 while running at a DDR bus speeds up to 434MHz (217MHz FSB)!

Review Link : ClubOC

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