Review : SOYO-KT400 DRAGON Ultra Motherboard (Platinum Edition)

Posted on Monday, October 14 2002 @ 9:53 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Technoyard reviewed the SOYO-KT400 DRAGON Ultra Motherboard (Platinum Edition) :
If you currently own a decent KT333 board then we wouldn't recommend you upgrading to a KT400 system just yet. However you must weigh the pros and cons here. Upgrading to this board will enable you to take advantage of the KT400 chipset features. While these currently don't play a significant role, we can expect to see new developments soon enough to change the tables around. Therefore if you want to plan ahead by all means go for it. Overall the SY Dragon Ultra KT400 offers very good performance and combines a lovely blend of accessories. Currently the board can be purchased for around US$165, which you can expect to drop in the coming months.

Review Link : Technoyard

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