AMD is working on GDDR6 memory controller tech

Posted on Friday, December 01 2017 @ 13:43 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
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A technical staff member of AMD accidentally revealed on LinkedIn that the company is working on GDDR6 memory controller technology. German tech site 3DCenter spotted the listing and speculates AMD will use GDDR6 for some of its future GPUs.

Memory makers are expected to ship GDDR6 in early 2018. AMD made a big commitment to HBM but that memory technology is simply too expensive to serve all segments of the market. AMD did not adopt GDDR5X but it's believed that the company could use GDDR6 for mainstream and lower-end video cards.

The GDDR6 specification allows for up to 1024GB/s memory bandwidth with 16GHz GDDR6 and a 512-bit memory controller. That is the same as what's possible with HBM2 running at 1000MHz with a 4096-bit interface.

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