NVIDIA: Pascal to continue to be best gaming platform for foreseeable future

Posted on Friday, Feb 09 2018 @ 10:30 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
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A couple more interesting comments from NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang. During yesterday's fourth-quarter earnings call, a Barclays analyst inquired about the seasonality of the gaming business, and the expectations of seasonality ahead of Volta.

Interestingly, Huang replied that seasonality in the GPU market isn't what it used to be. He says it's a different, more global, market now. Additonally, Huang also added that he expects Pascal will remain world's best gaming platform for the foreseeable future. This implies Pascal's successor isn't coming anytime soon.
Jen-Hsun Huang
Well, we don't -- we haven’t announced 2018 for April or July. And so the best way to think about that is, Pascal is the best gaming platform on the planet. It is the most future feature rich software. The most energy efficient and from $99 to $1,000 you can buy the world’s best GPU, the most advanced GPUs and you buy Pascal you know you got the best. Seasonality is a good question and increasingly because gaming is a global market and because people play games every day. It’s just part of their life.

There is no -- I don’t think there is much seasonality in the TV or books or music, people just whenever new titles comes out that’s when the new season starts. And so in China, there is iCafes and there is Singles' Day November 11, there is Back to School in the United States, there is Christmas, there is Chinese New Year. Boy, that there are so many seasons that is kind of hard to imagine what exactly seasonality is anymore. So hopefully overtime, it becomes most of a matter. But most appointing is that, we expect Pascal to continue to be world’s best gaming platform for foreseeable future.

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