An introduction to Poscasting

Posted on Tuesday, September 06 2005 @ 17:27 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
PC Review have a new article covering the basics of PodCasting, a very popular way for people to listen to customised audio feeds whenever they want:

"It is becoming difficult to ignore the growing trend of podcasting. The boom of MP3 players really took off in 2001 with the release of Apple's iPod. The iPod ushered in a new way to listen to music, and many others followed. There are currently hundreds of different MP3 players on the market today, and they have become a common possession among both young and old. Podcasting became popular in 2004 and nowadays you can find it on a huge amount of websites. Despite this popularity, many people are finding themselves thinking "But what is it? Where can I do it? What equipment do I need?" If you too are feeling a little lost about it all, then read on." Check it out over here.

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