ASUS ROG STRIX H370 and B360 mobos hit the scene

Posted on Tuesday, April 03 2018 @ 15:18 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
ASUS rolls out six STRIX motherboards based on the Intel H370 and B360 chipsets, specs and pricing can be found below:
Intel’s first batch of Coffee Lake desktop CPUs added cores alongside a high-end Z370 platform primed for overclocking. The extra horsepower is ideal for gamers who do more with their PCs, like live-streaming while playing and splicing together epic highlight reels, and it’s not limited to flagship territory. Additional cores extend all the way down to the entry-level Core i3. Today, they’re joined by new H370 and B360 platforms that bring additional connectivity to affordable price points. ROG engineers have deployed these chipsets across a complete family of Strix 300-series motherboards that help you get the most out of your gaming rig, regardless of the form factor.

ASUs H370 and B360

Gaming motherboards in more than just name
Unlike recent entrants, the Republic of Gamers has been building gaming motherboards for over a decade. Our experience and expertise shows in universal upgrades that simplify assembly, enhance cooling, and improve the look of your PC.

Refine your building experience
We pioneered pre-mounted I/O shields with the Rampage V Edition 10 motherboard created to celebrate ROG’s 10th anniversary, and now it’s trickling down to all of our Strix H370 and B360 motherboards. Once a high-end exclusive, this feature streamlines the installation process for budding builders and savvy enthusiasts alike. It also looks cleaner, especially when paired with the slick I/O covers that now adorn even our Mini-ITX models.

ROG’s critically acclaimed UEFI BIOS makes it easy to dial-in your rig once the parts are assembled. In addition to providing the usual selection of intuitive tuning options, it has a new search function that lets you quickly find and modify specific settings. Configuration profiles can now be saved and shared with others, and the firmware retains them after updates. Even novices can flash the UEFI with the integrated firmware updater, which automatically downloads and applies the latest release without even booting into the operating system.

Cool your rig to perfection
Fan Xpert 4 intelligently balances cooling performance with acoustics. Its configurable response curves can draw from a range of sources, including an external probe and the GPU temperature sensor on select ASUS and ROG graphics cards. System fans are usually governed by CPU or chassis temperatures, but gaming taxes the graphics card more than anything else, making the GPU temperature a much better trigger for ramping up the cooling.

Adjustable fan controls are complemented by a dedicated header for all-in-one liquid units that doesn’t require special setup—just plug in and go. The fan headers have similar smarts capable of detecting the presence of DC or PWM motors and adapting accordingly, and you can calibrate connected fans for optimal performance with the touch of a button.

Fresh aesthetics to make your own
Our new ROG Strix motherboards are emblazoned with unique cyber-text patterns that vary from bold and colorful to subtle and monochrome. We add more color to the entry-level models because system lighting isn’t as common at that end of the spectrum, and you shouldn't need LEDs to stand out in the crowd. If you want to light up your chassis, all the boards have a header for RGB strips that illuminate your entire system, and Aura Sync can match colors and effects with compatible components from ROG and our partners.

Shared essentials you shouldn’t be without
Other signature features can be found throughout the ROG Strix lineup, from DIGI+ VRM circuitry that delivers reliable power to the CPU, to OptiMem trace routing that improves signaling for your memory. SafeSlot reinforcement protects primary PCIe slots from damage caused by heavy graphics cards. And SupremeFX audio immerses you deeper in games while providing software extras that manage multiple output devices and map positional audio.

We use Intel Gigabit Ethernet across the lineup to deliver lag-free wired networking for serious multiplayer gaming. Intel contributes shared features through the H370 and B360 chipsets, which go beyond their Z370 predecessor by integrating not only USB 3.1 Gen 2 support for next-gen peripherals, but also optional 802.11ac Wi-Fi for wireless networks.

Both new platforms retain support for Intel Optane Memory, which uses ultra-fast flash storage to reduce load times for the mechanical storage commonly found in entry-level machines, and the H370 can turbocharge storage performance with bootable RAID arrays based on NVMe and SATA drives. Dual slots for M.2 SSDs are available on each ROG Strix H370 and B360 motherboard, providing plenty of capacity for growing game libraries. The UEFI even integrates secure-erase functionality for both SATA and NVMe SSDs, allowing you to easily wipe sensitive data and return flash-based drives to full performance.

One size doesn’t fit all
With solutions for multiple form factors, the Strix H370 and B360 series scales to fit any build. The ROG Strix B360-I Gaming and ROG Strix H370-I Gaming squeeze the Republic of Gamers experience into a compact Mini-ITX footprint that's perfect for minimalist battlestations and LAN party rigs. Both boards keep your primary M.2 SSD cool using a double-decker heatsink that also dissipates thermals from the chipset. Aura illuminates the entire right edge and combines with a header for addressable RGB strips to enable next-level lighting effects, while dual-band Intel Wi-Fi with MU-MIMO support adds wicked-fast wireless networking.

The ROG Strix B360-G Gaming makes a striking statement with microATX proportions. It echoes the Republic’s red-and-black roots with a new shade that reflects our forward-looking focus. You can still customize your system’s glow with the onboard RGB header, which has enough juice to power up to two meters of lighting at optimal brightness. A similarly dramatic look is available with the ROG Strix B360-H Gaming, a full-sized ATX variant with a similar spec but extra expansion capacity.

Muted tones blanket the ROG Strix B360-F Gaming and Strix H370-F Gaming, but there’s more room for customization via 3D-printed accessories. The 3D Mount next to the bottom SSD slot is ready for our M.2 fan bracket, providing optional cooling to complement the heatsink covering the primary slot. Aura shines through the I/O cover and powers an onboard RGB header that puts the color palette entirely in your hands.
  Strix H370-F Gaming Strix H370-I Gaming Strix B360-F Gaming Strix B360-I Gaming Strix B360-H Gaming Strix B360-G Gaming
Form factor ATX Mini-ITX ATX Mini-ITX ATX microATX
Chipset H370 H370 B360 B360 B360 B360
Memory 4 x DDR4 2666MHz 2 x DDR4 2666MHz 4 x DDR4 2666MHz 2 x DDR4 2666MHz 4 x DDR4 2666MHz 4 x DDR4 2666MHz
PCIe 1 x16
1 x16 (x4)
4 x1
1 x16 1 x16
1 x16 (x4)
4 x1
1 x16 1 x16
1 x16 (x4)
4 x1
1 x16
1 x16 (x4)
2 x1
M.2 2 2 2 2 2 2
SATA 6 4 6 4 6 6
Ethernet Intel 1G Intel 1G
Realtek 1G
Intel 1G Intel 1G Intel 1G Intel 1G
Wi-Fi NA Intel 802.11ac NA Intel 802.11ac NA NA
Audio SupremeFX S1220A SupremeFX S1220A SupremeFX S1220A SupremeFX S1220A SupremeFX S1220A SupremeFX S1220A
USB 3.1 Gen2 1 Type-C
2 Type-A
2 Type-A 1 Type-C
2 Type-A
2 Type-A 2 Type-A 2 Type-A
Aura Sync headers 1 strip 1 addressable 1 strip 1 addressable 1 strip 1 strip
Price $139.99 USD
$176.30 CAD
$139.99 USD
$176.30 CAD
$139.99 USD
$176.30 CAD
$129.99 USD
$163.79 CAD
$119.99 USD
$151.19 CAD
$109.99 USD
$138.59 CAD

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