America's Army v.1.1.1 : Marksmanship Pack

Posted on Friday, August 02 2002 @ 17:44 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Er is een nieuwe 22MB grote patch uit voor America's Army , Marksmanship Pack genaamd. De patch brengt het spel naar v1.1.1 en voegt onder andere een sniper school toe en enkele bugfixes.
Check inside voor changelog in v1.1.1 en downloadlink...

Te Downloaden vanop :

1.1.1 Patch updates:

1. Added Sniper School.
(All players will need to REQUALIFY as Expert to become eligible regardless of previous qualification)
2. Added Sniper Rifles to missions.
(Will need to be Sniper qualified - see Sniper School)

Non-Sniper related:

1. Fixed problem that left ghost-players in servers.
(Fix involved ignoring MaxTeamSize for Spectator team)
2. Fixed floating attachments bug.
(Made most attachments spawn client-side only. Weapon attachments are still client/server, and so theoretically may still float occasionally. Should be very rare if ever though)
3. Fixed small Rifle Range bugs.
a. (If a target appeared twice in a row, and you didn't fire at it, it would seem like the target just stayed up for twice as long. In the new version, in this case, the target will go down and come back up right away, instead of just staying up longer)
b. Fixed last shot not being counted.
c. Fixed results not being uploaded if mission has been completed previously.
4. Fixed crash in HQ_Raid when the prisoner was shot.
5. Fixed commo to use only message or team message when no match in progress.
6. Fixed small bugs in MOUT_McKenna, Bridge, Pipeline, and HQ_Raid.

--------ADDED FEATURES--------
1. Added server options to kick Idle players by time or by number of rounds.
(Already added the documentation to the FAQ )
2. Added initial In-game server browser. Additional functionality/features to come.
3. Added MILES grenades to MILES missions.
4. Added green-tinted tracers to RPK (Opfor version of M249).
5. Added TeamTalk option.
(added TeamSay, bind a key to TeamTalk to use. TeamSay sends a message to all dead players on your team when you are dead. When you are alive it does a Radio message to all live players on your team)

--------CHANGED FEATURES--------
1. Removed MOUT_McKenna training requirement. (You will now only need to qualify in single player training missions to qualify for online training missions.)
2. Changed M4A1 to be fully-automatic instead of burst-fire.
3. Adjusted ROE rules. (You will now be kicked immediately for ROE violations in the first 20 seconds. ROE violations in the first 45 seconds will double the penalty. ROE violations when your crosshair is green (indicating a friendly) will double the penalty.
4. Adjusted ROE score penalties. (You will now lose at least 1 point from your personal score for every ROE penalty. You will lose an additional point for every multiple of 45. (i.e., an ROE penalty of 91-135 will cause you to lose 3 points)

====KNOWN BUGS====
1. After multiple failures, targets will stop coming up in RifleRange.
2. Client will sometimes crash when the player is kicked.
3. Game will sometimes crash when switching window modes.
4. Server will sometimes open up a new window, which consumes resources.

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