NEC's desktop supercomputer

Posted on Saturday, September 17 2005 @ 18:46 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
NEC announced the new HPS Server SX-8i, a deskside vector operation supercomputer that achieves a processing power of 16 gigaflops. The small server measures 45 x 70 x 70cm and maintains compatibility with the SX Series supercomputers.

Equipped with the world's smallest single-chip vector processor, the same as the one used in the SX-8 machine, the SX-8i can mount up to 32GB DRAM and delivers a throughput of 64GB/sec between the processor and memory, ensuring highly efficient use for advanced scientific and computing applications. The SX-8i supports a built-in hard drive capacity of 146GB.

The deskside supercomputer supports SUPER-UX, the same operating system as the SX-8, and offers a compiler with an auto vectorization function and a lineup of various programming tools.

The server starts at $109,000 and should be available by February 2006. The company hopes to ship 300 systems over the next three years.

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