Transferring Files From Mbox to Outlook

Posted on Friday, May 24 2019 @ 10:29 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
In our hectic modern world, the processes of files exchange, conversion, as well as transfer are something that almost every person has to use every once in a while. Email is also an inevitable part of our every day because in most cases, it gives us an option to send each other relevant messages and files instantly, with only minimal possible delays. However, when files are large and when there are many of them, some problems are bound to occur.

Outlook is one of the most popular email services provided by Microsoft. Mbox, in turn, is a general term that is used to denote all email message content your inbox holds. It’s not surprising that many of us look for ways to transfer our files for better convenience. Good news is, it’s entirely possible! You can import Mbox to Outlook by acquiring a license that will allow you to do this quickly and entirely effortlessly. So, how to do that, exactly, how much does it cost, and what benefits will you get?

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Importing Files From Mbox to Outlook: Best Features and Functioning
By purchasing a license for the transfer of files from Mbox to Outlook, you’ll be getting access to many essential features.

  • A tool for converting emails of any possible size, with the use of such formats as .mbox as well as .mbx.;
  • Effective and quick conversion;
  • The ability to retrieve and convert your required email collections to .eml files;
  • A tool that will work with every type of Outlook as well as Windows, so you wouldn’t have to worry about some version being incompatible with a program;
  • Friendly and intuitive interface that will help you see how to convert your files right away, without needing any additional instructions or tutorials.

    So, once you’ve acquired a license, how to convert files from Mbox to Outlook? It’s simple. The process itself will be entirely automatic: all you need is to select which file you’d like to work with. No need to constantly repeat the same operations — just click on the file you’re interested in converting. That’s it! Your Outlook PST is ready.


    Mbox to Outlook Conversion License Costs
    The price will depend on the size of what you’ve converting and it follows the same system for any kind of transfer. You’ll be paying $1 per gig. Also, there is a 4.95$ fee for your payment processing. No hidden costs, this is a set price of what you’re going to pay. Calculate the price of your conversion yourself. Do you have a small file, something less than 1 gig? Your price will be $5.95. For every additional gig, add one dollar.

    So, these days, you can easily transfer and convert your files with the help of Mbox to Outlook license. Good news is, you can also buy an additional license for some categories, such as Business or Home, and it’ll have to be renewed on a yearly basis. Convert your files and enjoy your data!