Podcast: Monitors and the Anti-Fanboy

Posted on Tuesday, September 20 2005 @ 7:09 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
OMG! Apple updated their code for OS X on X86! The sky is falling! Oh, wait, no. Slashdot comment makers are just clueless. Also, a level headed approach to choosing a usably big monitor. In particular, I talk about the Apple displays versus the Dell ones. Fan boys take a seat. I also talk about the Viewsonic VX924 and the HP LCDs with built in WiFi.

A couple comments on Ebay buying Skype, plus the introduction of the Gillette Fusion - the only razor with over a billion blades! Wait! There's more! Microsoft updates Office with amazing new features that you'll never use!

What are the Garmin Nuvi and the Sony RDR-AX75? Can you tell from the name? What's new? Listen to find out!

Want some i-citement?!?! How about the iJam! iAwesome! So are the new Logitech Harmony remotes. Head over to Designtechnica to check out this podcast.

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