Rumor: AMD Navi 23 is known internally as The NVIDIA Killer

Posted on Tuesday, Aug 13 2019 @ 14:59 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
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This is the sort of post I hesitate about posting as it's deep in the unverified rumor territory. Anyway, there isn't a whole lot of interesting news these days so let's cover the latest batch of Navi rumors from RedGamingTech. The site claims the next-generation Navi cards are expected to hit the market by mid-2020.

The Navi 20 series reportedly has hardware-accelerated ray tracing and includes at least the Navi 21 and Navi 23. The latter is reportedly known internally at AMD as "The NVIDIA Killer". The site heard from its anonymous source that AMD's engineers are a lot more confident about the second-gen Navi then they were for Vega or even Polaris. It's unknown whether "NVIDIA killer" refers to pure performance or price/performance:
It’s worth noting – that “Nvidia Killer” is pretty vague, so it is very possible that this isn’t necessarily referring to raw performance, but possibly performance vs price too.

Unfortunately, he isn’t quite certain of the generation of RDNA this is (whether it’s the second generation or a ‘refresh’ of sorts of the first). The way it was explained to him, it would appear it was the second generation (which would make sense with the name Navi 23 and the release date), but this wasn’t stated explicitly. Then again, next year RDNA second generation is apparently due, and remember, the first generation did launch late.
Take it with a grain of salt, we'll see next year how this pans out.

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