Sharkoon Elbrus 1 and Elbrus 2 gaming chairs focus on low budgets

Posted on Thursday, September 19 2019 @ 18:04 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
A couple of months ago Sharkoon introduced the Elbrus 3 and now the German firm follows up with the Elbrus 1 and Elbrus 2 gaming chairs. These are even cheaper than the 259EUR Elbrus 2, the Elbrus 1 chair has a list price of just 139EUR while the Elbrus 2 should cost 199EUR.

The downside is that you do not get the typical features that are common among gaming chairs. The Elbrus 1 for example only has a tilt mechanism and adjustable armrests, and has a fabric cover. The Elbrus 2 on the other hand does have a synthetic leather cover, has a recliner function, more advanced armrests and comes with head and lumbar cushions. Both chairs will make for a very comfortable experience when playing online games like Apex Legends, online casino au, or Fortnite. Availability is expected very soon.
Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of PC components and peripherals, offering performance at a reasonable price. Sharkoon now presents the ELBRUS 1 and the ELBRUS 2: two models of comfortable and ergonomic gaming chairs. Each model uses different materials has a different design. For maximum durability, the gaming chairs are made with an integrated steel frame and have a sturdy five-star base.

ELBRUS 1: Tilt Mechanism for More Comfort.
To relieve the back and for more comfort, the ELBRUS 1 is equipped with a tilt mechanism. The pleasant rocking motion provided by this mechanism helps the user to relax during long gaming sessions. The handle for locking and unlocking the tilt mechanism is within easy reach on the underside of the chair.

ELBRUS 2: Adjustable for Personal Needs.
As with the ELBRUS 1, the ELBRUS 2 is also equipped with a tilt mechanism. Moreover, the ELBRUS 2 can be even further adjusted to the requirements of the user. Not only the seat height but also the horizontal angle of the arm rests and the angle of the backrest can be modified. The backrest can be steplessly reclined and locked at an angle between 90° and 160°, offering a comfortable sitting position for any kind of situation.

Padded Armrests to Flip Up or Down.
For maximum freedom of movement when, for example, using racing peripherals, the user can simply flip up the armrests of the ELBRUS 1. No levers or tools are required to do this: the armrests are easily pushed up by hand. However, when folded down, the padding of the armrests contributes to the overall comfort of the chair and provides relaxation for the arms.

Extra Padding for Back and Neck.
While the ELBRUS 1 has extra padding on the armrests, the ELBRUS2 specifically provides this for the head and the lumber area of the back. Here, Sharkoon has included two cushions which have a soft textile cover and can be flexibly fastened onto the chair as required.

ELBRUS 1 with Easy-to-Clean and Breathable Textile Cover.
For comfortable sitting in summer and winter, the ELBRUS 1 is upholstered with a breathable and easily maintained textile cover. At the warmest time of the year, this provides ideal water vapor permeability and dissipation of warmth. In contrast, during the winter, the cover offers immediate warmth and coziness. Cleaning the cover is also uncomplicated as this can be done with a non-fluff cloth and conventional cleaning agents.

Synthetic Leather Cover for ELBRUS 2.
In contrast to the ELBRUS 1, the ELBRUS 2 is upholstered with sturdy synthetic leather. The material is easy to maintain and can impress with a high degree of durability. The colored stitching sets a distinct accent for each color version of the chair.

Maximum Load up to 120 Kg and 150 Kg.

Both gaming chairs are equipped inside with a stable steel frame and are placed on a sturdy five-star base, which, like the frame, is also made of steel. The ELBRUS 1 is made for a maximum load of 120 Kg while the ELBRUS 2 can take up to 150 kg. Both chairs are designed for users with a maximum body height of 190 cm. The five wheels under the five-star base provide a stable hold as well as full freedom of movement. The wheels of the ELBRUS 1 have a diameter of 50 millimeters and those of the ELBRUS 2 have a diameter of 60 millimeters.
While gaming chairs are more expensive than typical budget office chairs, they are definitely worth it. A chair like this will last many years and will provide excellent seating comfort whether you're working, playing games, visiting, or chatting with your friends on Facebook Messenger.

Elbrus1 and Elbrus2

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