Review : Cooler Master UTC-A24 Rounded Cables

Posted on Friday, October 18 2002 @ 13:10 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Monster-Hardware reviewed the Cooler Master UTC-A24 rounded cables :
Today Monster Hardware has posted a review of the Cooler Master UTC-A24 rounded cables. These cables are actually different than any of the others I have ever saw because of the addition of one small but as far as I know unique feature. Read on to find out what that feature is.

"We are going to look at some of the next - generation rounded cables by Cooler Master. I have purposefully held off for a long time writing another "rounded cables" review. It felt so, "Been there, done that." Was there really anything significantly different than the first time I had written about them that would merit another review? I am happy to report that the answer is yes"

Review Link : Monster-Hardware

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