AMD Navi 21 GPU with 505mm² die area coming in Summer 2020?

Posted on Tuesday, December 31 2019 @ 16:48:09 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
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Rumors are spreading that AMD taped out a Big Navi chip in Fall 2019. Called Navi 21, this chip reportedly has a die area of 505mm². It's believed to be made on TSMC's 7nm+ EUV process and the rumor mill claims it may be twice as fast as Navi 10. This would result in a chip that comes close to NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, marking the return of AMD to the ultra-high-end video card market.

Based on AMD's RDNA2 architecture, the chip reportedly uses GDDR6 memory and may offer hardware-based ray tracing support. Cards based on the chip will likely have a 384-bit or 512-bit memory bus with at least 12GB or 16GB GDDR6 memory.

Not a lot of other details, other than that RDNA2 is rumored to be more energy-efficient than the previous generation. Either way, such a large chip will definitely have a high TDP.

Via: 3DCenter and WCCF Tech

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