A Unique Approach for Efficient Work

Posted on Monday, Jan 13 2020 @ 10:06 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Convenience, speed, high productivity – this is the right course on the path to stable and high profits. It’s impossible to achieve it without a personal approach. Standardized software is simply not able to perform the tasks of narrow specialization. Unique equipment needs unique solutions. In the context of growing competition and economic instability, it is very important that the program quickly and efficiently fulfills the functionality assigned to it taking the specifics of the organization and infrastructure into account.

Coding style intermezzo

10 Reasons to Turn to Professionals
To solve all the tasks and create a unique software solution that fully meets customer requirements, website development technology is the way out.

1. Solving complex non-standard tasks
Software development for the automation of unique and non-standard business processes that go beyond a ready-made boxed solution.

2. Realization of unique ideas.
Custom programming makes it possible to take the specifics of the business into account to obtain a competitive advantage.

3. High level of product quality
An individual approach to the software solution development, regular meetings and discussions, strict control of the terms and budget of the project to ensure the creation of a high-quality product.

4. Obtaining the necessary functionality
Creating custom-made programs let you get only the automated software functions necessary for a business, completely eliminating redundant functionality.

5. Scaling and changing functionality
Easy and quick build-up of information product functionality without changing its components in accordance with new business needs.

6. Software reengineering
Creation of new functionality of existing software by switching to new technologies including data migration.

7. No need to pay for the license
The customer is the owner of the developed software and does not make constant payments for the license.
8. Integration with external software products
The ability to customize and fully integrate with existing software solutions to improve business processes.

9. Confidentiality and transfer of rights to the source code
All rights to the developed software product and its source code are transferred to the customer without restrictions on their further use.

10. Support and development
Long-term software support and the possibility of its further development.

Unique Software – Pros and Cons
Ordering software from third-party developers has both its obvious pros and its negative aspects. It should be noted right away that most of the shortcomings that do not speak in favor of outsourcing programmers are the result of a misunderstanding between the customer and the developer. There are practically no objective reasons to refuse assistance from third-party firms.

Lots of customers are perplexed: why does custom software cost many times more than serial products? The fact is that third-party programmers start working completely from scratch, and the program itself takes the slightest requirements of the company or individual for whom it is being developed into account. Serial software is universal and often not suitable for solving specific tasks. Modern outsourcing of programmers makes it easy to solve this problem. Moreover, the customer is provided with full-service support and user training.