Google tests hidden search URLs in Chrome browser

Posted on Monday, February 03 2020 @ 13:35 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Last year, news was spreading that Google wants to get rid of the URL and rethink the way we use the web. Bleeping Computer reports the tech giant is now testing hidden search URLs in its Chrome browser.

With the new Query in Omnibox feature in Chrome, you will no longer see the Google search URL in the address bar. Instead, you'll only see the search query. At the moment, this is a limited test that only affects searches on Google.
With the Query in Omnibox feature enabled, though, if you copy the search keyword it will just copy that keyword into the clipboard rather than the site's URL. If you want to access the URL, you need to right-click on the keyword and select 'Show URL'.
What do you think? Is Google right that the value of URL is overstated, and that something new can improve the general public's browsing experience?

Google Chrome hiding URL

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