Roulette Pro - software analog of real roulette casino game

Posted on Wednesday, February 19 2020 @ 11:54 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck

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Roulette Pro is an analogy of the familiar roulette, only on the Internet. You can play from your computer without using any special devices.

Familiar game with a different look

Rules, bets, strategy, roulette, table - this is all familiar. If this is your first time at the Roulette pro game, do not panic. Roulette Pro is quite understandable and simple, because, it is an analog of European roulette. Convenient interface and discreet design make it just the perfect solution for entertainment. The game has been translated into several languages, there are several possible betting options, the arrangement of chips is shown on the table, so there won’t be any confusion about the gameplay and placement of the bets.

Bets in Roulette Pro

Put chips on the numbers you need, red, black, even, odd while roulette is spinning, and then wait until luck turns to you on the right side. Bet rates in this type of roulette available of the following types:

  • split - chips are placed on two numbers that are located vertically or horizontally;
  • straight - a bet on three numbers that are located vertically;
  • Corner - chips for four numbers, one corner of the field;
  • four - chips are placed on zero, one, two, three;
  • line - bet is made on six numbers
  • column - chips occupy the entire row
  • dozen - bet on the first, second or third group
  • neighbors - five chips that bet on the number and on those on the right and left.

Bets are displayed on the screen in the lower-left corner, your winnings are also displayed there. In the upper right corner, a quarter is displayed, in which you will see the winning sector after rotation of the roulette wheel.

As you can see, Roulette Pro is not as complicated as it seems for the first time. Every step is simple enough, thanks to designers and developers of Playtech gaming studio.

Play roulette games professionally

You can also play the professional version of the roulette at the Casinonic online casino. In a professional game, you can win real money and get perfect bonuses for your entertainment. Of course, it’s possible to try each game on the Casinonic website completely for free without own investments.

To start a serious journey, you need to gain experience in roulette. It is simply irreplaceable because without it you are unlikely to succeed in breaking a good jackpot. And you can win a lot in the Roulette game online, but not everyone succeeds. Another important factor in the game is your luck. If you know that you are lucky enough, just start the Roulette online and break the jackpot.