Alienware debuts dual-core Opteron workstations

Posted on Tuesday, September 27 2005 @ 9:06 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Alienware has made the new Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor Model 280 available on the powerful Alienware MJ-12 7550a workstation. Equipped with the Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor Model 280, the MJ-12 7550a provides the best performance-per-watt architecture on the market for creative professionals.

MJ-12 7550a workstations powered by the Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor Model 280 feature cutting-edge dual-core processing technology which includes two execution cores on a single die for enhanced workstation efficiency and performance. This can allow multiple applications to run at once without any decrease in performance, significantly increasing user productivity when multitasking.

The Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor Model 280 also enables MJ-12 7550a workstations to deliver advanced technologies, such as Direct Connect Architecture and AMD PowerNow! technology with Optimized Power Management, while providing industry-leading performance for both 32-bit and 64-bit applications. AMD PowerNow! technology is designed to decrease overall power consumption and helps the MJ-12 7550a run cooler and quieter at optimum performance and power levels. With AMD's Direct Connect Architecture, the processor cores, memory controllers, and the I/O are directly connected to help eliminate the bottlenecks inherent in traditional front-side bus architectures.

"Loaded with next-generation components such as the latest Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors, Alienware's MJ-12 7550a workstation continues to provide an avenue for creative professionals to thrive," said Nestor Villalobos, worldwide product manager for workstations and servers at Alienware. "The Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor Model 280 delivers the highest performance yet for the growing number of MJ-12 7550a users."

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