Paperlaunches becoming the norm for CPUs and GPUs?

Posted on Tuesday, June 16 2020 @ 16:29 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Citing a paywalled article from DigiTimes, TechPowerUp reports that the global electronics component supply chain is confused by the new launch dates and launch procedures of AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA. With companies being cancelled and various products delayed, there's now no longer a unified launch window. On top of this, it's reported that companies have become even more secretive about their launches to keep the competition guessing.

The result seems to be that paperlaunches are becoming the norm again. For example, today AMD announced its Ryzen 3000XT series but these chips aren't expected to hit retail shelves until July 7.
This has a massive effect on the industry supply chain. By not giving concrete dates to them, companies have left them to wonder when the product will launch. This is hurting their ability to prepare themselves for an upcoming product and possibly cause some delays later on. If not given enough time, the supply chain could not adapt fast enough and the product could come later in the hands of consumers.

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