Intel Rocket Lake-S sample shows big single-core performance gains

Posted on Friday, October 30 2020 @ 14:51 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
WCCF Tech reports there's a first indication about the performance of Intel's Rocket Lake-S. An entry spotted in the UserBenchmark database reveals a 4.2GHz eight-core, sixteen-threaded Rocket Lake-S processor that offers 21 percent higher performance than the Core i7-10700K and 18 percent faster performance than the Core i9-10900K. In multi-core tests, the advantage quickly evaporates though. Rocket Lake-S should launch in Q1 2021.
At the same time, the Core i7-10700K has a clock advantage of 5.1GHz which is 21% faster than the 4.2 GHz. Given these numbers, a 5 GHz+ Rocket Lake CPU is going to destroy the Core i7-10700K in single-threaded workloads. The CPU was also 18% faster than the Core i9-10900K which has a clock speed advantage of 26% at 5.3 GHz.

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