Mozilla moves Servo browser engine to Linux Foundation

Posted on Wednesday, November 18 2020 @ 11:05 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Servo logo
Mozilla announces its Servo project has found a new home. Work on Servo started in 2013 in cooperation with Samsung, it's a browser engine written in the Rust programming language. Some parts of Servo have been integrated into Firefox's Gecko engine. Mozilla has been downsizing for some time now, as the foundation is struggling to make money. Servo development will continue under the Linux Foundation.
The Servo Project is excited to announce that it has found a new home with the Linux Foundation. Servo was incubated inside Mozilla, and served as the proof that important web components such as CSS and rendering could be implemented in Rust, with all its safety, concurrency and speed. Now it’s time for Servo to leave the nest!

This move comes with a change in project governance: the Servo Project gains a board and a technical steering committee to help guide the project’s future (see for more details).
The goal of Servo is to create a high-performance, safe rendering engine. It's the only major alternative to Chromium.

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