Creating an In-Home Casino: Betting on Hardware and Software

Posted on Wednesday, Nov 25 2020 @ 14:03 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
The gaming industry has consistently found ways to make everything and anything more engaging. Whether it’s a new processor making graphics sharper or the latest gaming chair from Ewin Racing Champion making things more comfortable, there are endless ways to enhance your experience. In fact, this culture of innovation and diversification isn’t confined to the video gaming sector. Yes, when a new console like the PS5 is released, everyone scrambles to check out its eight-core CPU and 4K/120 gameplay. However, if you look beyond the headlines that companies such as Sony generate, you’ll find that other developers are also pioneering new gaming experiences.

From Digital to Real
The best example of this is casino software developers. Depending on the source you cite, online casino gaming in the US and Canada is worth more than $15 billion. State-based regulations mean the US is actually lagging behind Canada which, according to the Canadian Gaming Association, has a gambling economy worth more than $15 billion. When you pull back and look at global gambling revenue, the figure increases by tenfold or more. In short, online casino and poker gaming are big business. As such, there’s a strong case of supply and demand. What’s more, developers have the time and resources to work on new ideas.

A webcam

Over the last decade, live dealer technology has taken the industry to a new level. Moving games beyond digital graphics and random number generators (RNGs), live technology has redefined the user experience. In fact, in many ways, live dealer software is a precursor to virtual reality (VR) casino gaming in the sense that it creates a more authentic and engaging experience. This becomes obvious when you consider Canadian blackjack at LeoVegas. From a small selection of traditional formats, the live gaming market has blossomed in recent years. Today, themed games sit alongside innovative offerings like Blitz and Power blackjack. The end result is more action and more ways for players to play.

Adding Hardware to Software for a Better Experience
Indeed, this feeds into the idea that customers can create their very own casino at home. These games aren’t isolated affairs. As well as other players at the table, dealers are trained to be interactive. This means they call and control the action as well as engage in conversations with players. For all intents and purposes, it’s an in-home casino. For most players that’s enough. However, in the same way that video gamers will buy chairs, steering wheels, and other accessories, casino grinders can do the same.

Although there aren’t any specifics, there’s no reason a gaming chair couldn’t be paired with the Helmfon immersion helmet to create a truly immersive casino experience. Maybe it’s extreme but that’s all part of the fun. There’s no real reason to have a steering wheel when you play Grand Turismo. However, it makes the game more entertaining. Therefore, there’s no reason you couldn’t do the same when you play blackjack. The software is there. The developers have done all the hard work. All you need to do is add some hardware to the mix and you’ll have your very own in-home casino.