AMD Navi 31 rumored to feature dual 80 CU design

Posted on Monday, January 25 2021 @ 12:10 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Fresh rumors are spreading about AMD's next-generation GPU architecture. The future Navi 31 is believed to be AMD's first multi-chip module (MCM) GPU. According to the rumor mill, Navi 31 is a chiplet with 80 CUs. The top model will reportedly have two chiplets, resulting in a total of 160 CUs, double as much as Navi 21. This suggests a total core count of up to 10240 cores.
AMD RDNA 3 is also expected to bring a noticeable performance upgrade in ray tracing. Based on reviews, the RDNA 2 implementation of ray tracing hardware acceleration is clearly not as good as NVIDIA 2nd Gen RT core, so AMD has a lot of work to catch up. We are still waiting for more details on AMD’s implementation of Deep Learning Super Sampling for AI-based super-resolution technology. Those, however, would be based on Tensor-like compute cores and AMD has so far not implemented such cores into their GPUs. Would Navi 31 offer such a type of core? It is unknown yet.
Twitter user @Underfox3 recently discovered AMD filed patents that talk about a technique to synchronize workloads between MCM-based GPUs and also a new command processor orchestrating ray tracing pipeline.

AMD's RDNA3 architecture is expected later this year or in 2022.

Via: VideoCardz

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