Almost 50,000 GeForce RTX 30 series cards sold by scalpers?

Posted on Thursday, January 28 2021 @ 10:37 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
TweakTown writes Chicago-based data engineer Michael Driscoll estimates scalpers got their hands on 49,580 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series video cards. Driscoll's numbers predict scalpers captured $61.5 milion in revenue via sales via eBay and StockX alone, enough to generate a profit of close to $15.2 million.
  • 49,580 Ampere GPUs sold on eBay/StockX
  • $61.5 million in sales on eBay/StockX for ~$15.2 million in profit for scalpers and $6.8 million for eBay/PayPal/StockX
  • Sale prices increased 6-25% due to the tariffs, except for the 3090 which its scalped price was unaffected
  • RTX 20, RTX 16, GTX 1000, and GTX 900 series cards all increased 33-100% in price since the launch of Ampere
  • Whether these numbers are accurate is a big question mark, but they're pretty interesting nonetheless.

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