The Best Office Hardware Around

Posted on Monday, Mar 29 2021 @ 10:52 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
The hardware in an office is very important. The tools that team members use to complete their tasks comfortably and efficiently are always being upgraded in a well-managed workplace. Here are 5 of the best hardware solutions being deployed in modern offices.

Dell Optiplex 5050 Micro

Immensely popular in offices, the Dell Optiplex Micro series of desktop computers are affordable, simple, and absolutely tiny. Size matters in the office environment – where desk space is at a premium. The relative lack of power available to the 5050 micros shouldn’t be too much of a problem in an office where everybody is largely using quite simple programs to complete their tasks. The 5050 can support multiple monitors and fits neatly behind a screen or into a draw.


Apple’s iMac desktop computer has a massive high definition screen, intuitive controls, high power, and takes up very little space. The large screen makes iMac desktops perfect for running versatile design and editing programs. They are also useful for people coordinating projects using the great project management apps that have proliferated in workplaces in the last few years.

iMac desktops are not the cheapest option, but they are a proven game-changer when it comes to creative and intuitive computing. The creative toolkit that comes preloaded in an iMac means that designers and developers can get to work as soon as the computer is set up. Furthermore, there is also some joy to be found in working with high-quality gear, even if it's a bit more pricier.

HP Elite Slice

The HP Elite Slice is a microcomputer with premium power. Unlike the Optiplex Micro series, the Elite Slice is as powerful as a modern high echelon laptop or desktop. This makes it perfect for use in meeting rooms, where multiple monitors and microphones might need to be plugged in, and processing needs to be fast.

This isn’t a great computer for the entire office unless your business happens to have a great deal of expendable budget. The Elite Slice is a premium bit of kit at a somewhat premium price.

Belkin Waverest Gel Mouse Pad

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition caused when regular pressure is applied to the median nerve in the wrist. It can cause an unpleasant tingling feeling and shock-like pains in the hands and wrists. Office workers often complain of carpal tunnel syndrome: the act of typing often means that the wrist is resting on a table edge, putting pressure on the nerve. To alleviate this, many companies issue staff with mouse pads that incorporate a gel wrist rest. By resting their wrist on a gel hummock, a person can type away for hours without risking getting carpal tunnel syndrome. The Belkin Waverest is widely considered to be the best of the bunch.

Ubiquiti UAC-AC Pro Access Point

WiFi access points are essential for getting broadband coverage over an entire office. The Ubiquiti UAC-AC Pro Access Point is arguably the best of the bunch. If paired with a high-speed internet connection, a well-placed selection of access points can ensure that even the corners of the office most distant from the router will receive a good signal.