Gigabyte X570S motherboards on the way for AMD Warhol?

Posted on Tuesday, April 06 2021 @ 13:33 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
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Rumors have been going around for some time now about a refresh of AMD's Zen 3 processor. Before the arrival of the first 5nm Zen 4 based processors, we may see Zen 3+ cores. This is a refresh of the Vermeer processors that launched some time ago. At least officially, AMD hasn't confirmed the Zen 3+ "Warhol" processors but the rumor mill believes these chips will offer a small performance uplift versus the current Zen 3 models.

Gigabyte X570S motherboard names get spotted

VideoCardz writes Twitter sleuths found evidence of eight upcoming X570S based motherboards from Gigabyte. The S could stand for SUPER (or something else entirely). It's unknown whether the S is a Gigabyte-specific moniker or a new chipset from AMD.
Later this year AMD is rumored to launch its Zen3+ series codenamed Warhol. Little is known about these series yet, except that they should provide a performance uplift from matured manufacturing of Zen3 cores. In fact, AMD might not even call them Zen3+ although that’s what the rumors have been suggesting for a while now. It is worth noting that last year AMD already did a similar refresh of its Zen2 cores with Mattise Refresh aka Ryzen 3000XT.
Basically, still a lot of unknowns. There is no information at this moment about potential new features offered by the X570S chipset.

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