NVIDIA Reflex coming to Rust and GhostRunner

Posted on Thursday, April 08 2021 @ 13:07 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
NVIDIA announces its Reflex technology is now available for the live version of Overwatch. This latency enhancing technology is now available for seven of the ten most popular competitive shooters. Furthermore, NVIDIA announces Reflex will soon be rolled out for Rust and GhostRunner.
NVIDIA Reflex will instantly reduce system latency in each game in GPU bound scenarios, enabling you to see enemies sooner, your shots to fire faster after clicking the mouse, and your shots to have a higher chance of hitting the target.

This month also sees the introduction of a new NVIDIA Reflex optimization in Fortnite and Valorant, which further reduces system latency in CPU bound scenarios, along with the addition of new features to GeForce Experience for the Reflex Latency Analyzer, and the launch of new mice and a new 360Hz monitor that are compatible with the Reflex Latency Analyzer.
NVIDIA says gamers can expect an up to 50 percent reduction in system latency in Overwatch. Gains are biggest on lower-end hardware. Full details at NVIDIA.

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