MSI predicts DDR5 will be 50-60 percent more expensive

Posted on Thursday, October 21 2021 @ 22:19 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
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Soon we'll see the arrival of Intel's Alder Lake-S, the first desktop CPU platform with support for DDR5 memory. As is typical, new memory costs a lot more than mature memory so early adopters can expect to pay a big premium versus DDR4. In a new blog post, MSI predicts DDR5 will be roughly 50-60 percent more expensive than DDR4:
DDR5 vs. DDR4 Memory Costs
Historically, newer memory technology has always commanded close to a 30-40% premium over the previous generation. However, this time, DDR5 includes additional components that have driven the costs up further. As a result, we expect a 50-60% price premium compared to DDR4 at launch.

It typically takes around 2 years to reach price parity with previous generations, and we expect trends to remain similar with DDR5 modules as well.

— Sara Lin, MSI
The Intel Z690 chipset supports both DDR4 and DDR5 memory, so customers will be able to continue to use DDR4 memory by opting for a DDR4-based Z690 motherboard.

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