NVIDIA: DLSS 2.3 beats spatial upscaling

Posted on Tuesday, November 16 2021 @ 23:04 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
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VideoCardz reports NVIDIA is starting to market its DLSS 2.3 technology. This version has been around for a bit more than a month now and enhances the way motion vectors are used in video games, to improve visual detail, and to reduce ghosting and flickering for moving particles. NVIDIA claims its technology beats spatial upscaling aka AMD's FSR.
The video features a comparison between DLSS in different quality modes and spatial upscaling in games such as Necromunda Hired Gun, Chernobylite, or Back 4 Blood. In each case, NVIDIA does not even mention AMD FSR but calls this technology a spatial upscaling. It is said that temporal information from multiple frames will simply produce better results, and in some cases even better than native.

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