Lian Li STRIMER PLUS V2 ARGB Extension Cables -- thinner and more flexible

Posted on Sunday, May 08 2022 @ 21:25 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Lian Li shows off its brand new STRIMER PLUS V2 ARGB Extension Cables. Compared with the original version, the new generation features a thinner and more flexible design. The firm offers ARGB LED-infused 24-pin motherboard cables as well as two types of PCIe power cables. Users can control individual light channels via Lian Li's L-Connect 3 software tool.
LIAN LI Industrial Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of chassis and PC accessories, announces its new series of ARGB extension cables with the STRIMER PLUS V2. Available for motherboard 24-pin connectors, GPU 8-pin (2x6+2-pin), and GPU triple 8-pin (3x6+2-pin), the STRIMER PLUS V2 offers improved brightness with a new side light diffuser, better flexibility with silicon-wrapped power cables, upgraded compatibility with isolated connectors at the GPU end, and introducing native software control and independent light channel customization with L-Connect 3.

RGB focused
Located along each side of the RGB part of the STRIMER PLUS V2 are two bands of light-diffusion strips, allowing the light effects to shine in more directions and fill the PC with bright RGB. In addition, the 2.1mm wide top diffuser strips allow for smooth light distribution and maximum brightness.

Slim Design
The extension cable part of the STRIMER PLUS V2 is arranged in a single, flat row, making the overall thickness thinner than ever at 8mm (previously 11mm). Each 18 gauge power cable is also wrapped in durable silicone. The combination of the new material and single row of power cable makes the STRIMER PLUS V2 more flexible for tighter bends, and slimmer and easier to pass through tight cable grommets.

Compatible with more GPUs
While the original STRIMER PLUS GPU 8-pin and Triple 8-pin are compatible with most GPUs, some users have experienced difficulties with graphics cards that have power connectors further apart.The GPU versions of the STRIMER PLUS V2 address this issue by having each 8-pin end separated, allowing for wide gaps to be covered between each connector.

L-Connect 3 Ready
New with the STRIMER PLUS V2, the controller is now natively recognized by L-Connect 3, the new version of LIAN LI’s UNI FAN software which expands its functionalities. L-Connect 3 enables users to quickly change the light effects of the ARGB extension cables without having to reach inside their case. In addition, the software enables users to control each individual light channel of the STRIMER PLUS V2 to create their own mix of light effects (24-pin and GPU 3x 8-pin have 6 channels, GPU 8-pin has 4 channels). For existing STRIMER PLUS owners, a new version of their controller will be sold separately to make their ARGB extension cables compatible with L-Connect 3.
  • STRIMER PLUS V2 Motherboard 24-pin: $69.99
  • STRIMER PLUS V2 GPU 8-pin: $49.99
  • STRIMER PLUS V2 GPU Triple 8-pin: $59.99
  • STRIMER PLUS Controller Upgrade Kit: $19.99
 STRIMER PLUS V2 ARGB Extension Cables

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