How to Boost Gaming Performance on Old-Gen iPhones

Posted on Tuesday, May 24 2022 @ 18:13 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
If you're still using an iPhone with a home button, it probably feels like forces are conspiring to force you to upgrade your device. There are the unceasing updates from Apple, which make it harder and harder for older devices to remain functional. Then there are the ever-increasing specs for even the most basic apps, which often do not accommodate users with early-gen devices.

However, if you're still clinging to your iPhone 4, we do not blame you. With the price of the latest iPhone now starting at well over $1000, we understand if you would rather spend your hard-earned money on other things.

We also believe that a commitment to holding onto your smartphone should not exclude you from quality smartphone entertainment. That's why we have compiled these simple hacks and tips to improve gaming performance on your old-gen iPhone.

Mobile Gaming
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Clear Storage

If you have had the same device for a long time, chances are that your phone is overloaded with too much data. Now is the time to reduce your clutter and delete any files that you no longer use. You can free up gigabytes of storage simply by clearing data that is literally useless to you. Go into your settings to erase your cache, cookies, crash logs, and so-called "invisible files". This will likely have an immediate impact on performance.

Hack Your Apps

If your phone is struggling to run newer gaming apps, you can try a few hacks to ensure that those apps use less bandwidth and deploy lower specs. For example, you can turn off automatic background refresh to immediately save on bandwidth. You can also restrict apps from using GPS and location services, as this is often where a lot of processing power is hogged.

Mobile Gaming
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Try Low-Spec Browser-Based Games

Your choice of games will also make a huge difference. Your best option might be to choose low-spec browser-based games, instead of dedicated apps. These require no downloads and give you a huge range of choices. For example, you could play bingo online or an array of other popular casino classics such as slots, live games, and more from your smartphone's browser. The site has hundreds of games, some of which you can play for free, which all run smoothly from even the most basic smartphone browser.

Opt for HEIF

Have you heard of HEIF? Introduced all the way back in iOS 11, HEIF stands for High-Efficiency Image Format and is a dedicated format for saving all of your media content. It retains the quality of videos, images, and interactive content while greatly reducing file sizes and processing requirements. You can convert every single piece of content on your phone to HEIF format in just a few seconds. All you need to do is head to your iPhone's settings and switch it on. People should be rewarded for hanging onto the same devices for years, instead of buying a new one every time Apple tells them to. If you're committed to saving on money and saving the environment, you can make use of these simple hacks to play your favorite mobile games on your aging iPhone.