Presenter 3D 1.1 PREVIEW using NVIDIA Cg real-time shaders

Posted on Saturday, August 03 2002 @ 18:13 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Op de site van Presenter 3D zijn enkele preview-screenshots verschenen van Presenter 3D die gebruik maken van NVIDIA's Cg real-time shaders.

The following images are real-time screen shots (not pre-rendered images) showing some of the new sophisticated real-time shaders made possible using the NVIDIA Cg technology. Note that the reflections change in real-time as you navigate through your scene, and that hardware Anti-Alaising (4x, 9-tap Gaussian) is being used from the Quadro4 900XGL card.

Meer info en screenshots op

Bron : Warp2search

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