ATI publishes Xbox 360 GPU technology papers

Posted on Thursday, October 13 2005 @ 13:40 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
ATI has released a bundle of slides about Xenos, the custom graphics processor designed for the Xbox 360 console:
The Xbox 360 graphics processor, codenamed Xenos, has a 500Mhz clock speed and 48 shader pipelines featuring an unified shader architecture, a first for a commercial graphics processor. The Xbox 360 GPU actually consists of two cores, a parent die that has a total of 232 million transistors and a daughter die, which has over 100 million transistors and acts as a frame buffer among other functions. This daughter die is manufactured by NEC Electronics using 90nm technology in the company's 300-millimeter (mm) wafer fabrication facility.
Check it out over here.

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