Review : Jab-Tech's Dual Cathode Kit

Posted on Thursday, October 24 2002 @ 5:19 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
ReviewNation has reviewed a Dual Cathode Kit from Jab-Tech's :
Case lighting through cold cathodes has been around for quite some time, although when you want more than one cathode in your case you have to spend the money on an extra inverter, not to mention all of the wires everywhere due to having the extra tube and inverter, and lets just face it… It's a mess!!! Jab-tech has supplied us with an easy solution to this, a dual inverter for your CCFL's. The dual inverter pretty much lets you supply power to two cathodes through one inverter, which eliminates wires, mess, and is much cheaper!!!"

Review Link : ReviewNation

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