Dell: ''Intel to take the performance crown in 2006''

Posted on Friday, October 21 2005 @ 18:41 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
The Inquirer reports about a statement from Michael Dell. The founder of Dell said at a Gartner conference on Thursday that he believes Intel's dual-core processors will beat AMD's in the performance stakes next year.
Which is a bit curious, because Dell launched a Paxville Xeon processor which it said was a performance champion just a little while ago. Michael Dell reckons that Intel will be "supercompetive" in spring next year. Isn't it now?

Dell's Dell is quoted as saying that Intel's move to a 65 nanometre technology will give it the edge over AMD dual core processors on the server side. Basically, if you can make smaller chips on bigger wafers it means you can make more and probably sell them for less. So there's probably yet another price war looming.

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