Review : Neng Tyi Nexus NC02 HSF

Posted on Sunday, October 27 2002 @ 6:57 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
TweakTown has reviewed the Neng Tyi Nexus NC02 HSF cooler :
Just a little while ago, you may have noticed a review of a sub $10 cooler from the Neng Tyi folks. Well guess what, they are back again with another entry in the budget race, but this time the contestant is made of copper. It too falls squarely into the budget price range, so we’re getting ready to run it through the test bed to see what kind of numbers it can put up when compared against some other budget coolers.

So kick up your heels and sit back to see just what we can expect from this new heatsink. It doesn’t cost much, but the bottom line is still performance. I have some pretty strict standards for temperatures, so let’s see if this little sink has what it takes to be considered for our own system.

Review Link : TweakTown

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