Review : Asus P4PE (i845PE) Motherboard

Posted on Sunday, October 27 2002 @ 7:07 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
AMD3D reviewed the Asus P4PE Motherboard :
This is what I've been waiting for .... a P4 motherboard that uses an Intel chipset, offering support for DDR333 and Hyper-Threading technology. Looking at the available P4 boards on the market, not one come close to the Asus P4PE. However, by the time you're read this ... MSI, Gigabyte and many others would have released their i845PE motherboards. Still, for die-hard Asus fans ... they won't even think twice about getting the Asus P4PE. I know I wouln't ;-)

Overclockers will be extremely happy. The BIOS is excellent with loads of options available to take your P4 processor to the max. There's voltage adjustments for DDR, AGP and CPU ... not to mention the ability to fix your AGP/PCI frequencies. Auto ratios for memoey allow you to run your DDR Ram beyond 200Mhz. I was able to overclock my P4 - 2.53Ghz to 3.0Ghz (19x158) with ram running at 395Mhz DDR (197.5Mhz) ... no problems. Rememer, I haven't tweaked my ram yet ... there's another BIOS page dedicated just for that !!

Review Link : AMD3D

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