Quake 3 for Pocket PCs

Posted on Sunday, November 13 2005 @ 10:45 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
NoctemWare released a new version of Quake 3 Arena for Windows based Pocket PCs.

This is already version 1.1, here's a look at the changelog:
  • Hardware Acceleration - Now supporting the Dell Axim x50v, with the Intel 2700G chipset. Much of this is possible due to the support of Imagination Technologies.
  • Windows Mobile 5 - This version works with Windows Mobile 5, but still requires the same amount of memory as it would under PPC2003. Dell Axim x51v users may be out of luck without some system tweaking and optimization. 64MB simply isn't enough when your operating system only affords you 21MB to play with.
  • Software Optimization - We have converted the entire codebase over to fixed point arithmetic for faster execution on handhelds.
  • Memory Auto-tuning - No more configuring your memory panel. This release will autotune its memory use for your device.
  • You can get it over here.

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