Intel Pentium M Yonah processor pricing

Posted on Sunday, November 20 2005 @ 15:16 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
The Inquirer had a look at Intel's latest mobile roadmap and shares some details about the pricing of the Yonah processors which will be launched on the first of January 2006. They all have a 667MHz FSB and 2MB of L2 cache memory.
  • Yonah DC T2600 (2.16GHz): $640
  • Yonah DC T2500 (2 667GHz): $420
  • Yonah DC T2400 (1.83GHz): $295
  • Yonah DC T2300 (1.66GHz): $240
  • Yonah SC T1300 (1.66GHz): $210
  • Yonah LV DC L2400 (1.66GHz): $325
  • Yonah LV DC L2300 (1.5GHz): $285
  • SC stands for single-core, DC means dual-core and LV is low voltage. The T stands for TDP power 25W to 49W, the L TDP power 15W to 24W, and the U TDP power less than 14 watts.

    And in April the company will introduce Yonah processors with the "U" prefix:
    These will be the ULV single core - a U1400, clocking at 1.2GHz, and having a 533MHz bus and 2MB of cache at $260, and the U1300, with similar characteristics and a clock speed of 1.06GHz at $240. Later in the year it will introduce the U2500, a 1.06GHz 533MHz 2MB dual core ULV processor, priced at $290.

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